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Ferris Bueller's New Day

Episode Summary

Ryan and Seth write the long-awaited sequel to Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Episode Notes

GENRE: Fantasy / TONE: Ironic / DEMO: Podcast Hosts / MANDATE: After seeing some huge success with lega-sequels, the studio is demanding this script be a direct sequel to a beloved 80s blockbuster set in modern day.

GOOGLE SEARCHES:  80s movies, legasequel, gremlins, ferris bueller release date, 2021 minus 1986

A Weekend Video Production
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Hosts/Contestants: Ryan Polly ( and Seth Worley (
Edited by: Rene Gomez (
Key Art: Meg Lewis (
Original Music: Ben Worley (
Executive Producers: Grant Wakefield at Weekend Video and Anne Fogerty at Plot Devices

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